James Mackintosh specialises in architectural photography for professionals in all aspects of real estate: interior designers, architects, builders, stagers, realtors, marketers and homeowners. He has photographed many private homes and offices throughout the Sea to Sky corridor. His understanding of composition, lighting, and attention to detail are evident in his work.

Photographs are the first impression, the thing that cuts through the visual clutter to capture the buyer’s attention. Professional photography is a great way of improving your marketing portfolio when meeting with potential sellers. If a seller has to choose between a realtor that uses professional photography versus a realtor that uses a point-and-shoot, they are more likely to go with the realtor that uses professional photography. Their home is a big investment and they want it marketed to the best of your ability. Using professional photography, you are solidifying your marketing and showing the seller you mean business.

Latest Projects


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Interior photography of The Westin Hotel in Whistler.


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